All You Need To Know

All You Need To Know

11/12/13 August 2023

Ravers Resort opens on Friday 11 August at 14:00h and closes on Monday 14 August at 12:00h.

Friday 11 August: 14:00h - 00:00h
Saturday 12 August: 10:00h - 20:00h
Sunday 13 August: 10:00h - 14:00h

Monday 14 August: till 12:00h

Friday 11 August: 19:00h - 01:00h
Saturday 12 August: 12:00h - 01:00h
You can exchange your ticket for your access bracelet till 22:00h

Sunday 13 August: 12:00h - 23:00h
You can exchange your ticket for your access bracelet till 20:00h

Recreation Area Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke (BE)

16 (no ID = no entrance)
You need to be 16 before the start of the festival

Please beware of scammers and unofficial resellers. No exceptions will be made at the entrance when a ticket is declined.

No stress! Go to; our ticket provider will assist you as good as possible.

First of all, purchased tickets are non-refundable.

Prevent fraud and buy or sell your ticket only via

This way the prices remain fair for everyone and the buyer also plays it safe. Ticketswap provides a new barcode for every buyer.

Don't worry, personalization is not necessary. Luckily, the name on the ticket isn’t important. When you’re at The Qontinent, the only thing that gets verified is the barcode.


Are you a real die-hard who stays the entire weekend at The Qontinent? Travel to Gent-Sint-Pieters station; the main railway station in Gent and take the bus to The Qontinent. Find out the quickest way to travel to Gent-Sint-Pieters station on and

Line 76 will run a normal service. Buses will depart every hour from Gent-Sint-Pieters to The Qontinent (depart +/- :46). The last bus to Gent-Sint-Pieters will depart from 'Parking 1' at 20:16h on Saturday and at 20:21h on Sunday.

You can use your Lijnkaart, Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas. If you're not in possession of a Lijnkaart, Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas, you will have to buy a ticket via the De Lijn app, one of the ticket machines from De Lijn or online at or contactless on the bus.

A shuttle service from Gent-Sint-Pieters (platform 23) to The Qontinent is provided on Friday 11 August (from 11:30h till 21:30h) and will return on Monday 14 August (from 09:20h till 13:00h). Tickets will cost you 20 EUR online and 25 EUR on site (including return transfer).

Friday 11 August 2023
Shuttles leave from 11:30h till 21:30h (Gent-Sint-Pieters (platform 23) to The Qontinent.

Monday 14 August 2023
Shuttles leave from 09:20h till 13:00h (The Qontinent to Gent-Sint-Pieters (platform 23)). All shuttles will depart from 'Parking 1'.

GPS address: Verbindingsstraat - 9185 Wachtebeke
Follow the signs from the highway to the recreation area Puyenbroeck. As soon as you get at Puyenbroeck follow the signs to 'Parking Festival'. Parking for one day will cost you 15 EUR online and 20 EUR on site. Note: when you exit the parking you won't be able to re-enter, unless you buy a new parking ticket. Parking for multiple days will cost 20 EUR online and 25 EUR on site. Note: when you exit the parking you are able to leave and re-enter once a day.

Don't feel like driving yourself? Make sure to meet at the Kiss & Ride. Follow the signs to recreation area Puyenbroeck and proceed to the Kiss & Ride zone. The Kiss & Ride is located at 'Parking 1' of The Qontinent.

The Qontinent is easy to reach by bike, situated between nodes 84 and 96 of the cycle network. Please follow the signs for cyclists and park your bike for free near the entrance.

The minimum age to enter The Qontinent and Ravers Resort is 16 (you need to be 16 before the start of the festival). Make sure to bring your ID because your age will be checked at the entrance.

The Qontinent has a Zero Tolerance policy. This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not allowed. If any drugs will be found, you are about to be handed over to the police; access to The Qontinent and Ravers Resort will be declined.


It is allowed to take a user amount of medication with you. Make sure you have unopened packaging and don't forget to bring your doctor's certificate.

Please make sure to read the general rules & conditions for The Qontinent here before you buy a ticket.

There will be lockers available at Ravers Resort and The Qontinent. Renting a locker costs 7 EUR for a normal and 10 EUR for a large. ​​For Ravers Resort you can rent a locker starting from 24 EUR for the whole weekend on-site until the stock lasts.

The Qontinent = completely cashless! You use the Cashless Card to buy food and drinks at the festival.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash at The Qontinent either, as The Qontinent is completely cashless.

Show off your dedication and purchase your favorite The Qontinent, Bass Events and Q-dance merchandise items at The Qontinent.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash at The Qontinent either, as The Qontinent is completely cashless. The following payment methods are possible: Maestro, Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard.

No more queuing at the cash register and immediately scoring a drink at the bar after your arrival? It’s possible!

Register your ticket and ‘top up’ by loading ‘Qoins’ (The Qontinent’s currency) onto your cashless account before you arrive at the festival!

Of course, you can also add extra Qoins to your wristband at a cashless top up point at the festival or by scanning the QR tag on your wristband and charge extra Qoins via Payconiq.

Super simple to start partying right away!

We are very lucky to have a professional media team. They will capture the whole event through video footage and photographs. Our photographers and camera crew will be up and running during the event, so make sure to wear your brightest smile and show your best dance moves.

The official aftermovie will be available in a few weeks after the event. The official pictures will be available on our Facebook page and on our website, a few days after the event. Please note: you may have been photographed, but this does not mean that your picture will end up online. Don't forget to share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #TheQontinent.

Mention @TheQontinent when you want to share something with us. We would love to see your pictures so upload them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #TheQontinent. Join the Facebook event and invite your friends.

Our social media:

The Qontinent is a Zero Tolerance event. This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not allowed. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police and access to the festival and camping will be declined.

Show off your dedication and purchase your favorite The Qontinent, Bass Events and Q-dance merchandise items at The Qontinent.


Keep in mind, in order to enjoy this amazing experience you can only access Ravers Resort with a Camping ticket. This can be bought as a Combi + Camping or VIP Combi + Camping ticket when you plan to visit The Qontinent multiple days.

Don't want to face your parents? There is also an option to buy a separate Camping ticket if you only plan to visit one particular day at The Qontinent (Saturday or Sunday), but like to crash at Ravers Resort afterwards.

Many options are available for you and your friends. Explore them now and grant yourself access to Ravers Resort. Note: access to The Qontinent on Friday is only granted to people who have (VIP) Combi + Camping tickets.

To guarantee safety at Ravers Resort and keep this a perfect place for everyone to enjoy, The Qontinent has set up a few rules. These regulations apply as internal regulations on Ravers Resort during 11, 12, 13 and 14 August 2023. Anyone who buys a (Camping) ticket automatically declares that they agree to the following regulations.


As a visitor, you can be pre-searched. Access will be denied to those who do not cooperate, without refund of any fees. Only visitors with a valid camping bracelet are allowed at Ravers Resort. Visitors must check in at the entrance of Ravers Resort where ID and age will be checked.


Always follow the guidelines demanded by the stewards, security and emergency services. In case of discussion, the manager of Ravers Resort has the final word. Use your common sense and don't bring others in danger.

Also follow the instructions from the stewards while setting up your tents and keep emergency exits, emergency paths and passageways free. The stewards can move wrongly placed tents without permission of the owner. Always keep the safety route free. Tents at this route will be moved without notice.

Camp space is limited. Bring a tent as big as you want, but make sure that the surface of the tent is used for the number of people who fit in the tent. If you bring a tent for 5 people, you have to sleep in it with 5 people, otherwise, Ravers Resort will be too small.

There will be food and drink stands at Ravers Resort; breakfast options are also available. Forgot something? No stress! Ravers Resort offers a shop with all kind of camping supplies, for example allowed BBQ sets, air mattresses, pumps, flashlights, tampons, condoms, etcetera.


Start your day fresh and fruity and take a hot shower at Ravers Resort. This area will be cleaned on a regular base.

Visitors stay at their own risk on the premises overnight. The Qontinent is not responsible for any physical or material damage. When you violate the rules above, you lose the right to residence at Ravers Resort and The Qontinent without refund of any fees.

- Guide dogs for people with visual disability
- Simple disposable or pocket cameras
- Folding umbrellas without pin (no parasols)
- Plastic and blankets to sit on
- Sunscreen lotion (unlimited!) and cosmetic products (max. 50ml), deodorant (only roll-on sticks, no spray cans)
- Refreshment water in a sprayer
- Disposable BBQ's, cookers and gas utilities (max. 250 grams, only for use at the BBQ zones)
- Food and drinks with a limit of 6 unopened cans or bottles of alcoholic (max. 8%) drinks with a maximum of 50cl each, and 6 unopened cans or bottles of soda/energy drink (max. 50cl each) per person (water unlimited!). You are allowed to enter once with the limited amount of drinks, unlimited amount of water and food. These can only be consumed at Ravers Resort, not at The Qontinent. Glass is not allowed at Ravers Resort, use plastic cans or bottles instead.

- Food and drinks exceeding the limits, bottles, glass, drugs or other stimulants
- Nutrients and medication. People who require nutrients or medication for medical reasons (for example, diabetes) must be in possession of a medical certificate
- Deodorants or perfumes exceeding the limit of 50ml
- Any objects considered dangerous by security may be refused
- Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form
- Inflammable products, materials and sprays
- Pyrotechnical objects such as Bengal lights
- Any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object which could be used in such way, for example sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and so on
- Banners or items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions that can be used as a mean to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods
- Making fire. This is strictly forbidden
- Animals at The Qontinent and Ravers Resort, except you in your animal onesie
- Everybody who does not follow these rules.

Please make sure to read the terms for The Qontinent here before you buy a ticket.

Do you have a question? Please check out our website first, more answers can be found online: If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please send an email to Keep in mind that it might take us some time to respond on all mails, we'll do our best to help you as quick as possible.

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