9/10/11 August 2019 | Recreation Area Puyenbroeck | Wachtebeke (BE)

Ravers Resort

Ravers Resort
Accommodations Ravers Resort

The Qontinent is unique in its kind, because it is the only multiple-day Harder Styles festival in Belgium. Additionally, The Qontinent features a stunning campsite surrounded by nature: Ravers Resort – the perfect recipe to kick-start the weekend of a lifetime!

Share your love for the Harder Styles and experience the unity of thousands of ravers partying together, having the time of their lives.

Ravers Resort offers a wide range of accommodations and meets every budget: from a Festipi to a limited The Qontinent Tent. All accommodations are set up in advance so relax and charge your batteries at Ravers Resort to go full force at The Qontinent! Ofcourse, you can also bring your own tent.

To grant access to Ravers Resort, you need to have a Camping ticket. This can be bought as a Combi + Camping or VIP Combi + Camping ticket when you plan to visit the festival multiple days.

You can also buy a seperate Camping ticket if you only plan to visit one particular festival day (Saturday or Sunday), but like to crash on the camping after the party.

Access to the pre-party on Friday is only granted to people who have (VIP) Combi + Camping tickets.


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