Rave Zone - from € 209,00

Do you want to share an unforgettable experience with your friends at your own Ravers Resort area? Then choose a Rave Zone.

This place is specially reserved for you and your friends; an exclusive area at Ravers Resort. Your zone can be provided with extra luxury by upgrading it with your own toilet and party tent!

The main booker will be the contact person for The Qontinent. He/she receives all info by mail and/or post. Therefore, provide the correct information when booking a Rave Zone.

Why book a Rave Zone?
- Your ‘own’, exclusive place at Ravers Resort
- Large nameplate with your own ‘zone’ name
- Enough space for your tents
- Extra upgrades

Rave Zone S 8P - € 209,00
Rave Zone M 12P - € 309,00
Rave Zone L 14P - € 409,00

Please note: The Qontinent tickets and Ravers Resort tickets are not included!

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