12/13/14 August 2016 - Recreation Area Puyenbroeck Wachtebeke

Bass Events and Q-dance proudly present the official aftermovie of The Qontinent, an experience already 9 years in the making.

Rebels of our island refuge: watch, relive and enjoy it all over again; 2016's most restless weekend and see you next year! #TheQontinent


We want you to give us your opinion on The Qontinent - Rise Of The Restless! Your feedback is highly appreciated and will improve next year's edition.

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All Pictures Online!

Rebels of our island refuge, this was the 9th edition of ‪#‎TheQontinent‬. We came, we raved, we loved and we conquered. We are the restless!

Still basking in the afterglow of last weekend? Watch it, relive it; 2016's most restless experience. Check out all revolutionary pictures over here.

Thank you all and see you next year.

Time schedule Shuttle Service

Coming by train?
Are you staying the entire weekend at The Qontinent? Travel to the station of Gent-Sint-Pieters, the main railway station in Gent and take the shuttle service or line 76 to The Qontinent at Wachtebeke. Find out the quickest way to travel to the train station of Gent-Sint-Pieters from your location on www.nmbs.be.

  • Tickets will cost you 5 EUR and can be bought when entering the bus. This also includes the return transfer.
  • Shuttle buses leave from platform 14, line 76 from platform 15.
  • The normal rates are valid at the buses from De Lijn (line 76, Wachtebeke).
  • You can use your Lijnkaart, Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas. If you're not in possession of a Lijnkaart, Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas, you will have to buy a ticket at the shop of De Lijn or at one of the ticket machines of De Lijn.

Friday 12 August 2016
Shuttle buses leave from 11:25h till 21:30h (Gent-Sint-Pieters - Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke).

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August 2016

Line 76 will run a normal service. Buses will depart every hour from Gent-Sint-Pieters to Wachtebeke (depart +/- :47). There will be no bus service to Gent after the festival (Saturday's last bus will depart from Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke at 20:45h, Sunday's last bus will depart from Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke at 20:22h).

Monday 15 August 2016

Shuttle buses leave from 09:40h till 13:00h (Gent-Sint-Pieters - Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke). All buses will depart from parking 1 (main entrance).

An easy website to plan your Public Transport trip is www.belgianrail.be and www.delijn.be.

Weather Forecast

Rebels, have you seen the weather forecast for this restless weekend?

Don't forget your sunscreen (max. 50ml) because it's summer at The Qontinent!

Festival & Camping Map revealed

Rave your way into the day and take a peek at the official festival map for the most restless continent on earth.

Welcome to campsite "The Restless Rebels". Let's kick-start the weekend of a lifetime, check out your camping map and enjoy your stay!

Timetable online!

Set times for 2016's restless, record-breaking rebellion are here!

Out now!

The official 2016 anthem "Rise Of The Restless" by Psyko Punkz.

Rebels! Are you ready for the revolution? Tickets are going faster than 180 BPM so don't miss out!

Rise Of The Restless! Rebels, it's finally here and it's absolutely been worth the wait. Bass Events and Q-dance proudly present Psyko Punkz - Rise Of The Restless as the official 2016 anthem of The Qontinent.

Become a VIP rebel!

The Qontinent would like to give you the exclusive opportunity to enjoy this "restless" experience to the fullest as a VIP rebel.

A very limited amount of VIP tickets and VIP upgrade tickets are now available.

The ultimate campsite experience powered by Festipi and FestiTent!

For the most optimal festival experience you can choose to spend the night in a Festipi. The Festipi will be ready and waiting for you at Sunfields Camping. You can choose between the 1 person Festipi or the 2 person Festipi. The 1 person Festipi is 2,5 meters wide and 2,7 meters high. The 2 persons Festipi is 3 meters wide and 3,3 meters high. A fine size for 1 or 2 persons!

The Festipi is equipped with the following:
– The Festipi ready and waiting at Sunfields Camping;
– the roof;
– the door
– 2 thick sleeping matrasses from Nomad;
– 2 thick pillows from JYSK;
– 2 pillow cases in indian style;
– a floor from real cowhide.

You'll only need to bring sleeping bags with you. Go check them out over here!

If you need a break from being restless at The Qontinent, why not relax in your own FestiTent! We will put up your camping tent, so you just have to bring your festival essentials and enjoy the festival, without waiting in line, without any of the stress or hassle of camping. Even if you can only check in late, you are guaranteed to have the perfect camping spot, just Easy and Relaxed. See for yourself!

Tickets are now available!

Rebels! Are you ready for the revolution? Claim your spot at The Qontinent! Will you join the rebellion this summer?

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